Bringing a Community Together to Drive Success

Trust our cooperative for agricultural services in Aurora, SD

Relying on each other has always been a hallmark of farming communities. Lending a helping hand from one farmer to another is a core value of our agricultural cooperative. AgFirst Farmers Cooperative in Aurora, SD is a cooperative made up of different agricultural specialists that are here to help you. From our service station to our propane services, you can rely on us for all your farming-related needs.

Speak to one of our experts today for more information about our services.

Want To Know More About How We Help Farmers?

Our team provides a wide range of agricultural services. You can reach out to us for:

Whether you stop by our Volga Station for an oil change or visit our feed department to keep your livestock healthy, we're happy to be of service. Our dedicated team will help you keep your farm in good shape. Call 605-693-5548 now to speak with a member of our team.

Why Should You Rely On Us?

When you need agricultural services, AgFirst Farmers Cooperative is standing by to help. You'll want to consult our experts because:

  • We visit your farm to understand your needs and develop a program custom made for you and your operation.
  • We have experts in every aspect of agronomy and livestock production.
  • We're dedicated to you, your operation and your profitability.
You can trust our agricultural cooperative to help you keep your operation running. If you have questions about our services, reach out to us today.